About TrailBlazer Tours


To become the most trusted outdoor adventure company in the Northwest Territories by offering unsurpassed hospitality and high-quality, authentic tour options for all our clients.

To build a team of passionate, like-minded employees and encourage each to develop their strengths and empower them to reach their full potential.


To see people reconnect to the natural environment, build genuine relationships during their time with us coupled with the creation of fond memories that last long after the trip ends.

To build a company that operates from a posture of excellence, valuing honesty and integrity as foundational pillars.  We will go above and beyond- over-delivering when appropriate. Our word will be aligned with our actions and everything we do will be done to the best of our abilities.

Our Guides

Ian Ellsworth

Ian is the owner and founder of Trailblazer Tours. Prior to this, he spent his career as a Conservation Officer in the Northwest Territories. Ian has had the privilege to work all across the North and is an avid outdoorsman. In addition to Trailblazer Tours where Ian has branched out into the tourism industry and offers a variety of outdoor adventures, he found and owns Trinity Tactical Consulting Ltd.

Ian is a certified Pressure Point Control Tactics (HFRG-Threat Pattern Recognition) Instructor and has been teaching the program since 2004. He also holds Instructor certificates for ground fighting and knife defence and has completed courses related to scenario-based training. Ian has served as a trainer for other subject matters including judicial process, basic law, crime scene investigation and fitness testing. Ian has assisted with policy and program development, instructing and mentoring and is a graduate of the Renewable Resource Technology Program.

Ian has been actively involved in capturing wildlife for two decades and specializes in aerial net gunning. He has captured, sampled and collared numerous species including woodland, barren ground and mountain caribou, as well as moose, elk, mountain goats and wolves. Ian is very knowledgeable in the area of problem wildlife and has taught a variety of safety-related classes. Ian has lived in the north for the majority of his life and currently resides in Yellowknife, NT.

Nadine Ellsworth

Nadine moved to the NWT at the age of 20. Soon after this, she was enamoured with the hunting lifestyle and education in the Northern tradition. Nadine has learned many skills from elders and people in the community such as skinning and cleaning animals and how to live off the land. Nadine and her husband, Ian, raised 3 children in the NWT and Nunavut. All 3 still live in the NWT and are raising their children here as well.

Nadine has worked in multiple areas within the North and has learned many skills over the last 29 years. Her previous position was with Early Childhood Education for the GWNT Department of Health. Nadine has also received training to build on her skills which has given her expertise in a variety of areas. She is an excellent hostess and cook, is able set up and take down camps, and provides knowledge and skills in leadership. Nadine is trained in Basic Self-defense and she will occasionally assist Ian’s Self Defense training workshops. She is also certified in Non -Violent Crisis Intervention, First Aid and CPR, Fire Extinguisher Training, Motivational Interviewing, Cultural Awareness Training, and Traditional knowledge.

Nadine is very outgoing and loves to meet new people and make them feel at home. Her love for the outdoors is her passion and she enjoys, camping, fishing, hunting, ski- dooing, boating, nature hikes with family and friends, and cooking over an open fire.

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